Newsletter - July 2018

So Long! Farewell!

It is coming close to that time of year again, when we have to unfortunately say goodbye to some of our Pre-school children, who will be leaving for full time school in September. We would like to remind all parents whose children are leaving this year to confirm their last day of Nursery in a letter form or an e-mail. We do require 1 month’s notice. This will help Emma in organising final invoices and gives the staff plenty of time to gather your child’s scrapbooks and craft. In the next few weeks, we will be handing out leavers’ questionnaires. If you could all take time to fill them in, your views will be taken into consideration for the future of the Nursery and to inform future inspections by CIW.

…and Best Wishes

We bid a temporary farewell and good luck to Donna Stewart of the Baby unit, and Hannah Zeise in the Preschool room, as they are completing their final weeks at Buttercups before the start of their maternity leave. Donnas last day is Thursday21st June, while Hannah’s last day is Thursday 5th July. The stork is preparing its flight path to Shotton and Connah’s Quay as we speak, and we shall let you all know the good news accompanied by fanfares and ticker tape.

Leavers' Party Wednesday 22nd August at 2PM

For our Leavers’ Party this year, we are very lucky to have been able to book Treasure Trove Puppets and Magic.
Treasure Trove have visited Buttercups in the past and the children loved all the magic tricks and stories so we
thought it would be a nice idea to welcome him back.
The party will be starting at 2pm for 1 hour of entertainment, followed by party games and a party tea afterwards.
To maintain ratios for those who usually attend, we ask that one parent accompanies each child who is not booked
in on a Wednesday but would like to come to the Leavers’ Party.
There are limited spaces for extra days if needed, please speak to Emma, Josie or Jess.

This is a nut free zone

It's really important that no nutty foods enter this area

Please could we ask everyone to avoid bringing any nuts and food containing nuts into the Nursery. This is most important as we do have children for whom contact with nuts could be life threatening. Staff have been trained to deal with allergic reactions- Epi pen, etc but prevention is better than cure.

A big hello and welcome to…

We would like to give a very big and warm Buttercups welcome to our new starters, Jack Ingham, Eva Williams and Jaxon Gooding.
We hope that all children and parents quickly adapt to Buttercups life. If you have any questions or queries, then please don’t hesitate to ask Gavin, Emma or a member of staff. We are all here to help.
We are also welcoming two new members of staff: Megan Roberts who will be based in the Preschool Room and has been took on to cover Hannah’s maternity. Megan is Level 2 qualified, and has previous experience of working in a day nursery along with a placement with college in one of the local schools.
Jasmine Burns is familiar with Buttercups as she has been on placement here since February. Jasmine will be working in our Toddler Room. She is Level 3 qualified intending on returning to college in September to further her studies, so is just helping us out until then.

Holiday Reminder

Please could you let us know well in advance if you intend to take holidays, especially through the school holidays? This will enable us to plan our staffing levels and let staff take a well-earned break during the summer months. You can get a holiday form from any member of staff/ or email us at
Thanks for your help.

P.P Parking

We are aware that certain times of the day can be busy in the car park. When dropping and picking up your child can you please remember to park with courtesy.

Childcare offer

For those children who have/ will turn three from 9th April- 31st August 2018 you should be able to see if you are entitled to the Childcare Offer funding. This funding is available the term after their 3rd Birthday. There are certain criteria you have to match, which you can check on the link below. The website explains everything you need to know, but if you wish for further information you are more than welcome to speak to Emma.

If you are eligible, then you will receive a confirmation e-mail that needs to be passed on to us.

Please shut the gate

Could we remind you all to make sure that the key coded gate is closed behind you when you enter or leave the Nursery?
This is in the interest of your child’s safety.

Summer Essentials

Now that Summer is finally here with warmer, sunnier days (we hope!), could you make sure that, as the warm spell continues, that you bring in suitable suncream and sunhats for your children, as well as making sure there is a change of clothing in your child’s bag as we increase the opportunities for them to indulge in water play?
The staff will make sure that they apply the cream on hot, sunny days and the children wear their hats.
They will also be given plenty to drink throughout the day.