January 2018

Happy New Year

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break and had a lovely Christmas and New Year! We would all like to say a huge thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts that were brought in for staff; it was very kind of you!

This is a nut free zone

It’s really important that no nutty foods enter this area

Please could we ask everyone to avoid bringing any nuts and food containing nuts into the Nursery. This is most important as we do have children for whom contact with nuts could be life threatening. Staff have been trained to deal with allergic reactions- Epi pen, etc but prevention is better than cure.

A Big Buttercups hello to Abby Bowden. Abby worked here 12 years ago and since that time Abby has gained plenty of experience as a nanny, as well as having a couple of years at home being a full time mummy to her daughter. It is an absolute pleasure and a joy to have her back and to be part of the team in our Toddler unit again !!!
We are also welcoming Sioned Morris to Buttercups too. Sioned’s employment will be starting on the 22nd January. She has always had a passion for childcare and after her University studies decided to follow the profession. Sioned is currently half way through her Level 3 Childcare qualification and we are pleased we are going to be able to support her through the final part of these studies. Sioned will be a floating member of staff throughout all our units.

Pink or Blue ???? We would like to announce the wonderful news that Donna and her husband Kyle and Hannah and her husband Sion are both due their first babies in the Summer of 2018.
Donna is due the end of June, while Hannah is due middle of July.
Huge congratulations to both couples. You have some very exciting times ahead.

Nursery School Places and School run for September

Just a little reminder in case you have missed it… If your child is three years old and is due to start Nursery class at a local primary school, make sure that you have registered him or her before the February 24th closing date at: www.flintshire.gov.uk 
For those parents with children who will be starting Nursery class in September, we do carry out school runs to schools in the local area.
We are able to pick up and drop off to a number of schools, but in order to plan these, we would be grateful if you could let us know which school your child will be attending and which days. Forms will be given out shortly and should be returned as soon as possible. We will then be in a position to let you know if we are able to offer you this service. Obviously, the schools that we visit will be determined by demand, and we will let you know by the middle of March if we are able to accommodate you, although no guarantees can be given at this stage.

Could we remind you all to make sure that the key coded gate is closed behind you when you enter or leave the Nursery?
This is in the interest of your child’s safety.
We will be changing the code from Monday 22nd January.. just to keep you on your toes and the staff in the units have the new codes to give out over the next week.